09 November 2008

Writing Journal, Day six

I finally have time to write some stuff! It's been a bit hectic.

How do you find out about what's happening in the writing world and what do you think we can do to improve information for young people?

SYW is quite informative of spoken word stuff in Sheffield, and we have Off The Shelf too which is a great thing for writers to have. Other than that kind of thing, I'm not entirely sure what "the writing world" constitutes. I heard about SYW from Olivia and Priscilla, at the beginning of my time at King Ted's, and I thought Off The Shelf was pretty well-publicised around Sheffield. Everything else came through SYW.

Words Aloud has been fantastic, although it's the last one on November 25th! I've got to find something memorable to read out to mark the last evening. It will be quite sentimental actually.

I really hope I can find similar stuff when I head off to uni soon... It hangs on what kind of circle of friends I fall into... It's probably going to be fine, but it's still a bit scary. It is really hard to find out about new stuff like this, so I need other people with the same interests. But we're living in the information age... Facebook is the really the only real-life networking I need; I get invited to gigs, parties and performances through my friends and groups quite frequently, which is brilliant. I'd say it's the best way to involve young writers, as the internet is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, and things will still be spread by word of mouth.

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Iain said...


Couple of things you could do:

Locally, you could sign up to the Forwords mailing list (should be able to find it on Google, if not, give me a shout).

Nationally, sign up to the Booktrade.info news, which will send you the daily literary news. Really handy.

And lastly, you could sign up to my new project http://writeforyourlife.net which will help you keep writing in the absence of Words Aloud!

Also, I recommend getting a feed reader (Google Reader or FeedDemon) and subscribing to all the literary sections of newspapers, and any good literary bloggers you stumble across. I can recommend a few, if you like the idea. Just gives you a daily influx of news and info.

Anyhoo, see you on the 25th!

(Words Aloud Crew)