30 July 2008

Writing and me

As blogs go, Message Sent is probably the most inconsistent one in the world, and as such I'm probably going to disappoint you all by not updating for months after this post. It's not that I don't feel like writing, it's that the stuff I do write ends up elsewhere.

Message Sent has always been an outlet for my writing of any form, but since I started King Edwards, my writing, (bar those two rabbit-in-the-headlights posts from the beginning of my school year), hasn't been written with my blog in mind at all. I got really into poetry last summer, so I guess I've been writing poems for near enough one year. I turned to poetry to vent emotion, while my other journalistic work ended up in my school magazine, the ingeniously-titled "KeVIIn" (King Edward VII newspaper). I've written quite a few record reviews in there, got a few poems published, as well as a couple of articles on my general interests- lucid dreaming and webcomics. Writing with my friends reading it is a bit intimidating, though, so hopefully these articles were less niche-y than the stuff that ended up on Message Sent. I have no idea why there is a Soldat review here. It seems like ages ago that that stuff was part of my life.

I never really thought of Message Sent as any kind of reassurance, but my blog definitely functioned as somewhere to open up. I didn't expect anyone to read this, but thanks to everyone who did. I guess I'd have liked to think people did, people who I'd never met. Now, I have people who I'd never met back then, who feel like people I've known all my life. This school year has been completely refreshing. I've opened up to real people, and while there's still stuff even now that I've kept to myself, it's through writing that I've told people everything I've wanted to tell people. Maybe slightly obliquely, which is perhaps even better.

So I've joined Sheffield Young Writers, and attend Words Aloud, an open-mic poetry night, where I occasionally perform; as well as the newspaper stuff I'm involved with. There are other things too. At the moment it's the summer holidays and I want to write and read everything I've ever meant to, all in this summer. I've got to set targets somewhere, even if they're completely ridiculous. And the only reason I'm writing here again is because I'm getting back into writing articles. I've turned full circle. I've moved away from writing for an audience whom I don't know, met people and generally got a life, and now I'm back to writing for an audience whom I don't know. Of course I know that anyone can just Google my name or click the links on my Facebook, (and of course it's happened), and find me writing this, but I don't expect people to care. I've realised the potential of the blog as an art form, and while I don't expect to gather any dedicated readers whatsoever, I've realised I just want to write in article form with an audience of faceless internet-dwellers. I'm writing because I love words.

Later, I might post some more of my favourite things I've written this year.

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Alice said...

That's why I keep a blog- I love writing, but I'm not so keen on being told exactly what to write, as I would have to if I was on the Sheffield Uni paper or whatever. As infrequently as I update my blog- and I'm as bad as you for leaving it months between posts, so don't worry!- I only ever do so because I personally want to. I love the freedom of it, and the thought that maybe some random person will read it and like it and carry on reading and liking it. And I love being able to express myself more clearly than I think I could ever do in regular speech. In short, blogs are great :)

See you around Sheffield some time maybe... I walk past your school on occasion (usually after dark) and think, 'I know someone who goes there!'. But I never say anything to whoever I'm with, as they'd probably think me strange. Oh well...