30 July 2008


Major is, in my opinion, the best poem I've ever written. It's the only thing I've written where I feel I've created some form of empathic depiction of what I was feeling. In this case it was when I was walking through the crematorium gardens shortly before my close friend's mother's funeral. I performed it live on the radio in June this year.

Willows stroll thoughtfully over

Ash-leaved fluffed island grasses

Placid wanderways roll

Nameplated edges through

Nameplated dust.

I sigh, and wonder what to think.

Plastic flowers drape protectively over dead names

So the names can kneel

And smell plastic memories

The thud as they landed by the names

Was an ash kiss.

From obligingly stolen neighbour’s garden flowers…

To gaudy, heartshaped melodrama flowers!

Telling, and insufficient.

I sigh, and wonder what to think.

How many of these names could I love?

I loved none but those who step

Without gushing tears

But with brewing pensive sighs

That they leave uncast and dry.

“I think…”

And breathe a wave of air with them –

And –

I treasure silence.

I sigh, and think these helpless thoughts –

Each time each name was read

How far it is around each path

Each body or fragment of ash.

And when my thoughts are in cinders

Their twisted poetry

Will crush my name to powder.

“We’re all dying”.

“We’re dying in the major key”.


Tanner said...

I really like it. Inspired at all by Patrick Wolf's The Magic Position?

Rincewind SW said...

Heh, yeah, I had it in mind for the last line. It's just a cool way of showing optimism, I thought.