30 May 2006

Q: What is for dinner? A: A yam.

Thankyou to http://www.marriedtothesea.com/

Thanks to http://www.toothpastefordinner.com/
Thanks to http://www.nataliedee.com/

Explanation. So it is all because a yam is for dinner.

Also I am working on a blog about work experience, I can't avoid that one. It's a biggie. But that was seriously great, at Cube magazine, and incidentally my voice is on the internets now! Seriously, check it out. (Make sure you're using Internet Explorer unfortunately.) My main one is here, and I lent my voice to discussions here, here and here. And all other Cube interviews etc. are here. Enlarge some of the pictures because they have the people who I was with at the Cube, some great guys, hopefully we will all meet up again soon.

One final thing is another member page. Sorry about all these. If you are interested in music and want to broaden your horizons check out http://www.last.fm/. I have a member page here, it has all my favourite music and it should keep expanding. Anyway here is my picture with all my top bands by amount of plays. As I said, it will change, currently I've been listening to a lot of Pavement, but that was just before I got the plugin thingy. I trawled through 4 whole pages of styles for this box, but these are cool.

Those are recent songs of course. Here are my top all time bands... so far.

Check it out, comment if you get a station and stuff and I'll take a look at your music.

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Webmaster said...

What is your thing with yams?

Nice to see your blog ^_^