15 April 2006

Rincewind SW??, Radiohead, Stuff.

Rincewind SW --


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'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Or as I am known in places where spaces are banned:

RincewindSW --


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'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

By the way I'll be blogging the events of my trip to France... soon... I promise...

And another thing, I just posted this in the Metanet forum. Thought it was blog-worthy!

I simply must do my top 10 Radiohead songs now.

10: Myxomatosis: Whuu whuu whuu whuu whuu wom whuu whuu whuu wuuu wuu! whuu whuu whuu whuu whuu wu whu whuu whuu whuu wu - etc. That is my interpretation of the fantastic fuzzy bass.
9: Kid A: This is the RH song I dance to most. At first I thought it was too weird but now I appreciate why the vocoder was used, it really works. Makes it soung vague and dreamy, like the keyboards.
8: Karma Police: A great melody and lots of excellent polyphony going on behind it.
7: Pyramid Song: Yes, it is beautiful.
6: Just: An awesome solo. Probably Radiohead's best song without any keyboards in it.
5: There There: The percussion is well used and the vocals at the finale are sufficiently scary. Great, simple arpeggio solo at the end too.
4: Talk Show Host: Best B-Side I've ever heard. A really simple riff and more spooky vocals.
3: 2+2=5: More rocking guitars. The second part always blows me away. It has a subtle keyboard right at the end... which is why Just won that title!
2: Paranoid Android: Just kickass. The movements are all different but the 2nd is just amazing. Jonny's 2 solos are perfection.
1: Idioteque: The Laptop-produced percussion rolls around your head as you listen to Thom Yorke's driving vocals "Ice Age coming Ice Age coming", "This is really happening", Global Warming is on its way. It's an excellent song, even better live.

Doing that list was so hard! How do you compare Just and the Pyramid Song??
Finally: What almost made the list - Morning Bell, Morning Bell/Amnesiac, You And Whose Army?, Life in a Glasshouse, A Wolf at the Door, A Punchup at a Wedding, Climbing Up the Walls, No Surprises, Kinetic, The Amazing Sounds of Orgy, Everything in its Right Place, The National Anthem... I'll stop now.


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And no more edits. I will probably blog up my holiday at the weekend. Fingers crossed.

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