28 March 2006

Bangin' Choonz

Worst. PE lesson. Ever.

We started off filling in merits which was OK because it requires only a few cells of brain activity. When we finished doing the task, which was explained by PE teacher as if to a toddler, or maybe even a chimp, and who expected us all to make about 3 mistakes each: "count up the merits and write how many there are in your planner, and pick out your best results and put them in your planner", and were expecting a free lesson of talking* for the remaining 30 minutes. (*not really) But then he paired us all up and expected us to go round the sports hall doing degrading activities such as pull ups, a new type of press-ups (that looked like they had been devised in under 30 seconds, closer to 30 minutes to PE teacherus non-sapiens. I think every person (complete with brain) was paired with the person that they would least like to be with. Actually I think mine was the second least. But still, it was the sort of thing where as long as I didn't breathe in I'd be fine. Anyway the worst part of it was that Non-Sapiens decided that we'd find the process more enjoyable with music, because young people love music. OK I've changed my mind, I hate music. I'm sitting in silence now, but that's mainly because I closed Winamp; Test Icicles weren't really matching my mood, but then again I don't know what was. Because at school PE music is MINISTRY OF SOUND. If he'd had rap I would have coped, but this was simply depressing. Rant over.

Also Questionswap is amazing. I love it. Register and post on the Question of the Day and shiz, at the moment it's a reasonably small community, but growing by the hour. I've been quite hooked to it recently. Here is my profile. While you're at it here's Mark's profile. (Look and laugh). Also go to question of the day archives for yet more frivolity, it's where the best stuff is. I have mentioned QS in Filler, but only briefly, which was unjust, I now see.

Anyway, it's Easter soon and I'm going to France on Sunday through Friday, so watch out for that in my next blog. Holidays and April probably won't mix, but we'll see.

11 March 2006

Guns for sale.

It's true :(

Please click the link and watch the video before reading on.

Whilst laughing at this video, I felt quite guilty. It's pretty damn scary. AK47s for all. A loophole in the law. In America people have these for self-defence, but after watching this I don't know what the hell they're advertising it as. "Look at the holes in the head, heart, ribs..." after a kid who looks about 12 blasts the dummy to pieces. And how much is "A year's worth of ammunition"? What are you going to use an AK47 for, legally? This loophole in the law sound scary. I don't want to think about it... it's awful...
Anyway, someone in my class reckon's he's "hard" or whatever, because he goes shooting with his dad all the time. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to shoot rabbits. Anyway, whatever the effect is, it's lost on me. It honestly makes me despise him. Guns are things to kill people with. Nobody realises this. So that's my rant for today, I'm shocked at it.
Oh, and the best line is where the woman says "I think I might have to treat myself to one of those..."


Armed violence wrecks lives by fuelling conflict, poverty,
and human rights abuses. The campaign is calling for an
international Arms Trade Treaty which will make it harder
for arms to get into the wrong hands.

Your support will help us to show that people - like you -
around the world are outraged by arms trade abuses, and
demand tougher arms controls. Act now at:

05 March 2006


Sorry. I haven't added much this week, it's been very busy, because I have had to sort out my work experience interview, and at any time when I feel my brain can cooperate with me, instead of doing a blog, I've forced myself to revise. Unitl now! But to be honest I don't have a great deal to write about, so I'll tell you about some stuff in random orders.

Firstly, I guess I'd better do a more positive blog. If you have CGP revision books at your school, don't take them for granted; they're great. 20 years ago (is that it??) you would have had to revise out of something like this! I can't find a better picture, but you can imagine the contents of this book, can you not? And now we have these big colourful/shiny/lively books which are readable. They really make sense. This is a good example. They make science revision worthwhile. Everyone will say how they hate them but come on, they are great.

Another thing... you're missing out on all my favourite websites of the minute. I will have to create this list. I'm not going to bother organising them, because they are all great for different people. Yes, most of them are games, but keep looking, there are some for non-internet geeks.
N is a fantastic game where you take control of a ninja who can jump up walls. It's simple (collect gold, open doors, dodge enemies) but REALLY effective. I'm addicted, and that's an understatement.
SKRPG is a text-based RPG, which is for those internet geeks, sort of. However, I'm compelled due to the ingenious clan rankings, and the fact that my clan is awesome!
NotPr0n - Still here, at -15... I'm so slow! But the positives were sheer brilliance.
Cyanide and Happiness is a rather demonic webcomic. The server for the pictures is down at the moment, but it should be back in the next few days. Love it.
Pandora is a music website that helps you find new bands to listen to. It does actually work, sometimes. It helped me discover Portishead, Nerf Herder, and Pavement, and probably others.
Livejournal random picture thingy by Drew of Toothpaste for Dinner is all, like, WHOOSH!! It really is that good. Don't get too addicted...
Rex the Runt is hilarious. Please comment if you remember this. Watch episodes here.
Jayisgames is great for any free (mainly browser-based) web games, it has all my favourites, even the downloaded N.
Gamesforthebrain is an example of something I found, with loads of challenging and interesting think-ey games.
Soldat is a game I only properly started today, and was immediately addicted. It's the perfect shoot-em-up, in 2D.
Question swap is something I actually found while writing this, yet I still want to share it! It's amazing! I won't say any more, just go to the website.

And I'm quite into Kontraband, but I won't link, since some of it is racist/nsfw. I hate getting racist stuff on the internet.

And I think I'll leave it there, I'm developing a headache.